Workshop scheduled for Memphis contractors who didn’t win Electrolux business

By Staff

From Commercial Appeal

A technical-assistance workshop will be held Thursday for more than 50 local contractors who didn’t submit successful bids to help build the Electrolux plant.

The event will cover such topics as estimate preparation, construction contracts and project execution.

The project’s general contractor, WG Yates & Sons, will conduct the workshop from 8 a.m. to noon at Memphis Bioworks Foundation, 20 Dudley.

“This opportunity is rare for small and minority firms to review their bids after not being selected,” Al Bright Jr., chairman of the EDGE (Economic Growth Engine) board, said in a prepared release.

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton said that while minority and women-owned businesses were designated to receive 30 percent of Electrolux’s $80 million construction contract, other projects will become available for them to bid on.

“The technical assistance workshop will better prepare them for the bid process on future projects,” Wharton said.

“Technical assistance,” said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell, “may be all that’s needed to increase their chances of winning a contract.”

Design firm Allen & Hoshall is hosting the event. The Industrial Development Board hired the firm to oversee the project, and provide outreach and assistance to locally owned small businesses and minority businesses.


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