Engineers and architects are using virtual reality to put clients inside projects

By Josh Roe


Virtual Reality is not just a video game add on or a new way to keep us entertainment.

“It’s starting to trickle into education, architecture, and engineering,” Robert Cochran, Vice President at Allen & Hoshall Architects and Engineers, said.

VR is allowing engineers and architects to take an abstract idea, and make projects much clearer for clients.

Allen and Hoshall has an office in Chattanooga and has been an early adopter of VR for their industry. They are among the first in this region to do so.

“We’ve used 3-D for at least the past eight to ten years,” Mr. Cochran said.

Now that consumer VR has hit the market, the game has changed.

“VR allows you to be completely immersed in a project before the first brick has been laid,” Mr. Cochran said. “You’re able to walk through it, and get a full feel of the building.”

This has more than just a wow factor for this industry. Virtual Reality is a real world solution for engineers and architects.

“In our world change orders are bad,” Mr. Cochran said. “If something gets built that is not the way we envisioned it, and we can catch that in the virtual world, it saves time and money.”


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