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DeSoto County Career Technology Center West, Horn Lake, Miss.

DeSoto County School District had a goal to strengthen work force development in the region with a learning environment for vocational students at DeSoto County Career Technology Center West.  The career center offers programs in automotive repair, carpentry, culinary arts, digital media, engineering, health sciences, HVAC, information technology, metal work and robotics.

Michel Lebel, AlA, NCAR B. LEED AP, of Allen and Hoshall, says the primary design goal was to create an innovative building design that helps student recruitment for an affordable budget. “Early in the programming phase, it was decided that the building would be used as a teaching tool to help promote some of the programs offered,” he says.  “Building materials, equipment and technologies were displayed in ways to help spark student interest. We really wanted to keep your eyes moving when you looked at the building.”

Allen and Hoshall designed the facility with multiple metal panels including perforated metal panels at one end surrounding HVAC equipment.  The equipment was placed on the ground instead
of the roof to allow for expansion and students in the HVAC and metal working program to have access for educational purposes.

” [The school district I wanted something a little different, something a little edgier that still provided great durability,” Lebel says. “They didn’t want the standard red brick and green roof everybody does around here. It was a chance to do something a little different. Metal allows you a different level of creativity.”

I P Construction LLC installed Morin Corp.’s, a Kingspan Group company, 22-gauge Galvalume F-12-0 in Copper Penny horizontally and vertically and 22-gauge Galvalume BR-35 Exposed Fastener Series siding in Medium Gray at the entrances.

“Both entrances utilized a variety of metal panel profiles and joint types to emphasize metal work and detailing,” Lebel says.  I P Construction Installed Morin’s 22-gauge Galvalume BR-35 panels in Seafoam Green; 22-gauge Galvalume AA-12 Concealed Fastener Series siding in Copper Penny; 22-gauge Galvalume XC-12 Integrity Series siding in Copper Penny and Bone White; 0.05-inch mill finish aluminum panels in Medium Gray and Seafoam Green; and 22-gauge Galvalume SLR-16 and SLR-12 metal roof panels in Bone White.

Education Market Activity
From December 2016 to January 2017. construction in the education market increased 4.7 percent. Also showing monthly increases, nonresidential construction was up 1.5 percent and total construction gained 3.1 percent. Compared to January 2017, education construction was down 2.5 percent. Nonresidential construction (down 1.9 percent) and total construction (down 1 percent) also declined year over year.

Value of construction put in place in the U.S. (January 2017)
Educational construction totaling $89,733,000 which is down 2.5% from December 2016 and up 4.7% from January 2016
Total nonresidential construction totaling $698,441,000 which is down 1.9% from December 2016 and up 1.5% from January 2016
Total public and private construction totaling $1,180,333,000 which is down 1% from December 2016 and up 3.1% from January 2016
Note: seasonally adjusted annual rate, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau on March 1.

Owner: DeSoto County School District, Hernando, Miss.
Architect: Allen and Hoshall, Memphis, Tenn.,
General contractor: C & M Builders Inc., Southhaven, Miss.,
Installer: IP Construction LLC, Memphis
Metal roof/wall panels: Morin Corp., a Kingspan Group company, Bristol, Conn.,, Circle #50


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