Memphis Mental Health Institute

Memphis, Tennessee

The new three-story, 104,000 sq. ft. healthcare facility is a replacement hospital for the previous mental health institute building constructed in 1962. The new 75-bed building has a four-pronged shape with the center of each floor serving as a nursing station.

The facility provides three patient care units and a treatment mall on Floors 2 and 3. The first floor houses admissions, administrative departments, staff development, a courtroom for legal proceedings, and a secure outdoor courtyard for patients. The facility is designed with “T” shaped units to allow efficient use of nursing staff time that also insures safety for both patients and staff. The patient rooms are semi-private and include other typical safety features such as non-breakable security glass windows and psychiatric safe bathroom and building fixtures. The facility utilizes state of the art security measures, including digital recording and monitoring, secured entry and exit by card access, and digital alarm monitoring.

The facility design allows as much natural sunlight as possible with secured garden courtyards for patients and open spaces for public and staff use. The scale of the building blends with the context and warm colors of the adjacent UTHSC campus.

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